A Complete Guide On How To Play Fishing Games At Maxim88 Singapore

Fishing games are one of the most incredible time-killers you will find at an online casino Singapore. These games are not only fun but if you can play fishing games with the proper rules while simultaneously making the optimal moves, chances are that you would end up winning more games. 

Though some might argue that fishing games Singapore are unique and understanding the various elements of a game can be difficult at times but with the right resources, you can play, enjoy and win money via fishing games. The best part about playing fishing games at Maxim88 Singapore is that the variety of games never really ends. 

You will find an immense variety of fishing games, each entertaining in its way. However, if you are someone who struggles with fishing games or finds the concept hard to grab onto then you are at the right place. 

Here we will be uncovering the art of playing fishing games the right way. After this article, you wouldn’t just be able to play fishing games but also win real money at Maxim88. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

fishing games are all about the speed of the fish. You will find a variety of different fish all having variable speed. However, it’s a basic rule, the slower the fish, the easier it is for you to catch it but at the same time, the fish will be a small catch. Even though small fishes provide players with a decent amount of coins, you would most likely get a dividend. 

However, on the other side, large fish offer players higher rewards but at the same time, they also increase your chance of missing the fish and wasting your bullet. So it’s on you to decide which fish is the one you should be looking out for and which are the ones you should be avoiding. 

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the amount that these fish give doesn’t apply to the bonus fish which essentially requires a lot of ammunition and isn’t affected by the speed.

  • Avoid Shooting At Invisible Areas

One of the worst mistakes that players 먹튀검증 make is that they shoot at invisible areas. So what’s an invisible area? Well, it can be any area that might seem a little out of the map. These fish can also be hiding on the corner of a map like under a seaweed or a rock. 

Even though the hidden fish is considered a bonus, it’s almost impossible for the players to hit them on target and the chances of you wasting bullets on these fish are quite high. So if you are someone who wants to play fishing games at Maxim88 Singapore like a professional, it’s essential for you to not get dragged away by the fish hiding in various areas.

  • Try To Kill The Fish Which Are Alone

One of the safest ways to play a fishing game is to shoot at the fish that is alone. Most of the players make a common mistake while playing fishing games, that is they try to shoot for the fish that are in swarms. 

Though there is nothing wrong with shooting at a swarm if you want to gain more points then it’s best to aim for the fish which are alone on your screen. One of the significant perks of shooting a fish alone is that you don’t have to spend a lot of bullets on the fish. To kill a fish that is alone, you would need medium to small size bullets and you could have the heavy ones for later. 

However, if you miss your target on a small fish three to five times, it’s best to stop and aim for something else as this way you would be only wasting bullets and won’t be getting enough in return. Any player who utilizes more than five bullets to capture a small fish is wasting their bullets and coins in a game.

  • Aim For The Big Boss

If you feel like you have enough ammo in your bag and it’s sufficient to take down a big fish then it’s best for you to aim high. However, only aim for the big boss when you know you have enough in your bag. Once you have made a rough calculation in your head and are sure that you have a sufficient deposit then you should aim for the big boss. 

Start by avoiding all sorts of bullet wastage by avoiding the small fish on your screen. Instead, try aiming for the big fish like mermaids, sharks, and other big fish you can find on your screen. 

Why should you try going for the big fish? 

Well, it’s evident that if you can kill a big fish, you would get roughly two hundred times more money for each big fish you catch. On the downside, if you miss your chances on the big bosses, your bullet loss in the game would be massive.

  • Keep Yourself Focused On Your Game

If you are distracted by anything while playing a fishing games, you probably won’t gain a lot from the game. Keeping your mind focused on the game is the key to winning. A player should relax and concentrate on the particular game they are playing to catch more fish. 

However, while you are focusing on your game, you should also stay relaxed as this will increase your reaction time while catching fish and you would be surprised by how quick your fingers are on the triggers at some point in your game. 

Try controlling the volume of the game, if the volume of the game is too loud, you should avoid music while playing the game, this would help you focus and increase your reaction time. Moreover, if you get distracted easily by external factors try avoiding all of them while playing fishing games as they can be the reason for your losses.


As a beginner, fishing games can be confusing and unenjoyable. However, if you follow everything we have discussed in this article, you will win fishing games like never before. Just ensure that you are consistent with your practice while making the right moves at the right time and you will be all set.

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