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Aastha Fertility Care: Pioneering IVF Treatment in Jaipur for Family Dreams

One of the most treasured experiences in life is holding your newborn in your arms. But occasionally, due to changing lifestyles and food habits, couples face troubles in natural conception due to male and infertility issues, 

Now that medical science has advanced, they can overcome fertility problems and realise their parental goal. For couples looking for cutting-edge clinics and efficient, individualised, reasonable fertility treatments, Jaipur IVF experts at Aastha Fertility Care offer the best options at the most affordable rates while ensuring the highest IVF success rate. 

Wondering which fertility treatment in Jaipur can help couples with a happy and healthy baby? The blog below has covered all the answers for you. Scroll down to know more! 

Types Of IVF Treatment in Jaipur 

Conventional IVF Treatment

For couples battling with infertility caused by a variety of causes like low sperm count, endometriosis, or blocked fallopian tubes, conventional IVF can be a viable therapeutic choice. The most healthy embryos can be chosen for transfer using conventional IVF, which improves the chances of a successful pregnancy and lowers the risk of genetic disorders. 

Couples can freeze and keep embryos for later use while doing traditional IVF. The quality of the embryos, the number of embryos transferred, the woman’s age, the quality of her eggs and sperm, and the condition of her uterus all affect the success rate of conventional IVF. 

Mini IVF 

The doctor and clinic must adhere to specific IVF guidelines when using IVF to create a pregnancy. Mini IVF is the term for the scaling back of the IVF protocols. No set protocols govern Mini IVF. It typically entails reduced pharmaceutical use, allowing for the production of fewer eggs of good quality. 

Lower drug doses used in mini IVF may have fewer adverse effects and cause the patient less discomfort. Mini IVF uses fewer drugs and requires fewer monitoring visits than traditional IVF, which can result in significant cost savings. Mini IVF has a greater success rate than natural cycle IVF but a lower success rate than conventional IVF.

Donor IVF

Sometimes, couples may need to conceive a child using donor sperm, eggs, or embryos. It is referred to as donor IVF, and it can be a valuable choice for couples who struggle to conceive independently due to genetic diseases or other medical concerns. Since the eggs and/or sperm used in donor IVF are frequently those of young, healthy donors, the likelihood of achieving fertilisation and implantation is increased.

The age and reproductive status of the expectant mother, the quality of the donor sperm and/or egg used, and the level of experience at the fertility clinic are some variables that can affect the success rate of donor IVF.

Natural IVF

Natural IVF refers to treatments other than medicine that stimulate the ovary to generate eggs. Ultrasounds and blood tests are used to keep a watchful eye on the patient, allowing the eggs to grow normally without any medical intervention. 

As the follicles grow spontaneously, the IVF cycle is started as soon as the eggs are of the proper size and maturity. Natural IVF uses little to no medicine. Therefore, the negative effects and difficulties linked to reproductive medications are less likely.

Natural IVF can be more affordable than conventional IVF because it requires fewer medicines. A woman’s age can impact the success of natural IVF. The likelihood of a woman succeeding decreases with age.


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an additional IVF procedure. To fertilise an egg entails inserting a single sperm into the egg itself. When a man’s sperm count is extremely low, or the sperm has trouble accessing the egg, the ICSI procedure is frequently performed. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an enhanced method of artificial insemination.

The fertility team has full influence over the fertilisation procedure with ICSI, enabling more accurate sperm placement in the egg and raising the chance of successful fertilisation.

With a successful fertilisation rate of between 70 and 80 per cent using ICSI, many eggs are successfully fertilised. The quality of the embryos and the woman’s age are two variables that can affect the live birth rate using ICSI. 

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which entails examining embryos for genetic flaws before transferring them into the woman’s uterus, is another choice.

For couples who run the risk of transferring genetic illnesses to their offspring, PGT can be especially helpful. It’s important to remember that success rates differ significantly between clinics and that individual results depend on various circumstances. The most healthy and genetically normal embryos can be chosen for transfer thanks to PGT, which can detect embryos with genetic problems. It can lower the risk of miscarriage and enhance the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Why Choose Aastha Fertility For IVF Treatment in Jaipur?

  • The staff at Aastha Fertility Care is dedicated to providing individualised care so you can fulfill your dream of becoming a parent. 
  • They have a team of highly skilled medical professionals who provide each patient with individualised, clinically effective care.
  • Its IVF labs are constructed by international standards for clinical excellence and are furnished with the most recent assisted reproductive technologies.
  • With patience and compassion, its staff of doctors, counsellors, and nurses will be at your side at every turn.
  • They have transparent pricing. You will receive detailed financial counselling regarding the cost of your treatment plan during treatment so that you may decide on it wisely.


Numerous couples in Jaipur have fulfilled their dreams of parenting thanks to Aastha Fertility Care’s unwavering dedication, tenacity, cutting-edge fertility therapies, clinical excellence, and compassionate care. The fertility physicians at Aastha Fertility Care have mastered using advanced technologies to diagnose and treat reproductive problems.

If you’re also struggling with fertility issues and looking for the best fertility center in Jaipur, connect with IVF experts at Aastha Fertility Center to lock in the best option

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