Considering The Major Differences Between eSports v/s Traditional Sports Betting

Gambling has changed overall in the last few years. Now, you can bet from anywhere and at any time. Mobile betting or betting from desktop or laptop has increased rapidly. Various online casinos offer a variety of games, from 3D slots to sports betting.

Sports betting Malaysia has changed in the last five years, with players betting through platforms like Twitch or live TV streaming on various casinos. Traditional sports betting has taken a modern makeover with the introduction of eSports betting. A few people may be up-to-date with the terms, and most beginners may get confused.

Let’s walk you through the major differences so that you can pick the suitable one for yourself.

Traditional Sports Betting and eSports Betting

  1. Traditional Sports Betting: At the lush green stadium where your favorite team performs, fans bet on their favorite team or player. You have to place a bet through the bookie and wait to walk back home with your wins. Almost 52% of males and 48% of females play offline sports betting. Despite introducing advanced technologies, the market is already running into multimillion dollars.
  2. eSports Betting: This is an online form of betting that players can watch at home on live-streaming channels or casinos. You can watch your favorite team in action on YouTube or Twitch. Players can opt to play and bet on classic eSports games like CS: GO, DOTA, League of Legends, etc. Even betting on real-life games played in stadiums is possible, such as NBA, FIFA, MLS, etc. According to Statista reports, the eSports gambling market is expected to reach $2.34 billion in 2023. It will show an annual CAGR of 8.05% between the forecast periods 2023 and 2027.

As you are up-to-date with both the terms, let us tell you the major difference between these two betting types. You can opt to play both of them or just one. It depends on your liking.

eSports v/s Traditional Sports Betting: How Are They Apart?

1. Effect Of Injuries On Bets

Traditional betting is done through bookies, and the players’ performance directly impacts the betting results. If a player gets injured during the match, you can lose your bet amount, too. However, in eSports betting, there are no injury chances. The games are online, and there are no external factors affecting the outcome of the game.

2. Modern and Appealing Form of Gaming

Traditional sports bets can be practiced in a particular geographical area. You have to bet on the ground, where bookies will traditionally provide you with betting teams’ information or players’ information to bet on. eSports betting is modern and crosses all the geographical barriers when it comes to placing a bet. Bettors can watch the players playing from the comfort of their homes and start betting. Even players with physical disabilities can also place bets on their favorite team.

3. Rapid Growth

With the advent of technology, offline betting is slowly diminishing as young people no longer want to go to stadiums. Only older people who are not into technological aspects visit the stadium to see their players in action to place a bet. eSports works on advanced models where bettors can place bets on the popular eSports players. They can watch the games like DOTA, League of Legends, etc., through live streaming platforms. Punters can closely watch the players who kill most people in the game. Bets can be changed during the live streaming of matches, too.

4. Convenience

The best part of online gambling sportsurge is convenience and comfort. In traditional betting, you must visit the stadium and find a reliable bookie to bet on your favorite sports like football, cricket, hockey, boxing, etc. It’s better in eSports betting. You can watch the players in action from your couch. Call your friends and family to bet, and much on evening snacks. You can pause the game anytime and take a break, too. eSports platforms let you change your bets, too.

5. Making Informed Decisions

Traditional betting does not provide informed decisions because of its uncertainties. What if you bet on a certain player, and they get injured during the game? You cannot change your bet, too. Whether the player will make a comeback or not is also skeptical.

However, players indulge in eSports betting on a digital platform managed in a controlled environment. The reviews experts provide are according to the data extracted from the gameplay and past performances of certain players. It helps you make informed decisions on whom to bet and whom not to bet.

6. Opportunities in Betting

Here is a twist you want to know! Traditional sports like football, ice hockey, boxing, cricket, tennis, etc., are still picked for betting over electronic sports. People know globally about the best cricketers, soccer players, tennis players, etc. Therefore, many people opt to place a bet on matches like FIFA, Cricket World Cup, NBA, etc.

On the other hand, eSports betting is introduced by online casinos but not on a large scale. You will find a few reputed sites letting you bet on eSports that are played on digital platforms. The betting opportunities are still increasing as many online casinos are getting abreast and introducing the variety of games offered through eSports.

7. Wagering

When you enter a stadium and want to bet on your favorite player or team, you must bet a certain amount. You will not get some sports bonus or deals when you bet traditionally on any sports form. Well, eSports betting on online casinos lets you bet with your chosen amount, which can be as low as $10. You will also get a welcome bonus or deals on eSports betting. It can help you to start beginning to bet.

Final Thoughts

Rapid advancement has brought forth many changes in the area of sports betting. It is becoming a multimillion-dollar industry. You can sit at home and conveniently bet on your favorite eSports through your mobile or desktop device. Traditional sports are mainly for players who want to see the real game on the field and to experience the adrenaline rush and every type of excitement associated with the real gameplay. You can choose traditional or eSports betting according to your taste and requirements. Visit to read more! 

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