Dutch Open Championship Netherlands results

The Dutch Open Championship 2021, held at the Hotel de Bonnet Waver in Assen, Netherlands from November 11-14, 2021, attracted over 1300 competitors from various countries including Russia, Ukraine, England, USA, Poland, Denmark, Israel, Italy, France, Germany and more.

This national Dutch Open Championship significantly impacted the dance community, attracting professionals and newcomers to the dance floor. The head judge for the event was Donnie Burns. The judging panel included such experts as Mosejcuk Andrej, Caravans Dimitris, Guanaco Gigampere, Guzzle Mirko, Biedniagina Natalia, Gekhman-Algarra Rita, Aidaev Ruslan, Fancello Simona, Powell Steve and Regan Victoria. During the competition, the participants demonstrated high skill and technique in various dance disciplines. The competition included classical dances such as the waltz and foxtrot and more modern styles like salsa or tango. A panel of judges evaluated the participants on various criteria, including technique, expressiveness, artistry, and musicality of their performances.

The event was also a platform for sharing experience and knowledge, where dancers could socialize, learn from each other and mentors, and be inspired by new trends in the world of dance. Competitions like the Dutch Open Championship Netherlands not only promote the art of dance but also foster international cultural exchange, strengthening ties between dancers and countries by providing a unique platform to showcase talent and professionalism.

“Such competitions help us not only to demonstrate our skills but also to adopt the experience of other athletes,” – shared with us her impressions of athlete Sofia Iudina, who, in a couple with Bohdan Dovhalov, became vice-champions of the Dutch Open Championship Netherlands in their category. 

With special impatience, spectators and competitors wait for dancers’ performances in the Professional category. In the evening sections, when the finals are held, the atmosphere in the hall is heated to the limit. In the Dutch Professional WDC World Super Series, Ballroom winners were representatives of Poland Lukasz Tomczak and Aleksandra Tomczak, and in the Latin American program, Dorine Frecautanu and Marina Sergeeva (England). US representatives Stephen Mccann & Elisa McCann became champions among professionals in Ballroom Showdance. 

All performances could be seen on DSI-London.tv usapridenetwork, which broadcasted daily. And all results can be found on DanceSportInfo.net. 

Undoubtedly, the Dutch Open Championship Assen 2021 left vivid memories with participants and spectators, demonstrating the splendor and diversity of the dance world.

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