Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Perfect Nose Ring For Your Wedding

In the Indian subcontinent, nose rings – called as Nath or Nathni in some cultures – are an important part of coming-of-age rituals. Also known as a Nath or Nathni, they are worn by brides on their wedding day as a symbol of fertility. Across different ceremonies held by the many diverse communities, bridal looks are incomplete with the nose ring. Brides traditionally wear nose jewelry on the left side, which also includes a chain connecting the ring to the ear. It is worn on the right side of the nose in certain regions in South India. However, many brides today also pick the position depending on personal preference. 

From statement hoops to delicate studs, you can pick from a wide range of designs and styles to find your perfect nose rings. You can also pick from precious or imitation metals and gemstones as per your budget for an equally stunning look. Whether you’re looking for a statement nose ring for the main event or want to spruce up your pre-wedding outfits, this ultimate guide will help you pick the perfect nose ring for your wedding. 


While picking the design of your nose ring, ensure that you are prioritizing comfort as the nose is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and may trigger uneasiness. If you don’t have a nose piercing, you can always find clip-on options in any of the following designs.

  1. Hoop: Commonly referred to as rings, hoops are round in shape and can be seamless or have a tiny aperture to allow for insertion. Depending on your taste, you can achieve a variety of looks as they come in different diameter sizes and you can also pick between smooth or patterned surfaces. Opt for a large hoop nose ring with a chain attachment on the main wedding day for a royal look.
  2. Hinged: Similar to the round hoop style, hinged nose rings feature a clasp or closure. It secures to your nose ring firmly and won’t come loose. They are the best for pre-wedding ceremonies, which involve a lot of movement.
  3. Septum: Often referred to as the “bull piercing,” septum nose rings fit through the cartilage that divides the two nostrils. They look the best with edgy outfits and you can wear them to elevate your cocktail party or bachelorette looks.


The nose ring you pick – whether for the main day or pre-wedding parties and ceremonies – should not only match the colors of your outfit but should also be suited to its vibe. If your look is minimal, opt for dainty nose rings, while large hoops pair perfectly with outfits inspired by royal silhouettes. Here are a few trendy styles that you can pick:

  1. Kundan: The holy grail of wedding jewelry, kundan work includes gold pieces with large gemstones for a signature look. Kundan nose rings will pair like a dream with regal outfits with heavy embellishments and zari work.
  2. Beads: For a fun and whimsical touch to colorful outfits, opt for beaded nose rings that will stand out while complementing the look. Beads are also heavily featured in the traditional Maharashtrian style Nathni.
  3. Oxidised: Outfits inspired by the bohemian aesthetic deserve jewelry that match its vibe and there’s nothing better than oxidized silver to achieve the boho-chic look. They also add a vintage vibe to the ensemble and are best for semi-formal functions.
  4. Pearls: When it comes to bridal nose ring designs, pearls are a popular option since they give the jewelry an air of grandeur and effortless beauty. They are the perfect option for minimalist brides.
  5. Coloured Stone: While diamonds and clear stones are a classic choice, precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies have their own elegance and charm. You can also pick from imitation coloured stones to match traditional outfits that need a fun pop of color.
  6. Temple: South Indian bridal looks are incomplete without traditional temple-style jewelry that features motifs of religious structures. Nose rings feature the temple style and pair perfectly with all-white or pastel outfits for a traditional look.
  7. Meenakari: Enameled work such as meenakari will pair perfectly with monochrome outfits as the colorful enameling will pop against the minimal look.
  8. Floral: Opt for Math that feature 3-D flowers to elevate your floral-printed lehengas and sarees. Floral nose rings also add the delicate touch every bride needs.

How To Pick A Nose Ring: 

Although there are no absolute rules, here are some general tips you can follow to find the nose rings that suit you best.

  1. Long, narrow: Simple, beaded, and heavier styles of hoop nose rings go well with long, narrow nose forms.
  2. Bulbous: If your nose is large, wear a Nath on special occasions or a patterned hoop nose ring on a daily basis.
  3. Button: A medium-sized nose stud or pin works well for this kind of nose shape.
  4. All Shapes: Most nose shapes look nice with septum rings and little nose studs. So, pick one of these two if you’re still unsure.


Shop nose rings for brides are a crucial component of the bridal ensemble and have the power to elevate the overall style. The Nath is a unique symbol of marriage that represents the bride entering a new stage of life on her wedding day. To achieve a balance, select the design, color, and stones of your nose ring while bearing in mind the other pieces of jewelry you will be wearing. Selecting the ideal nose ring is also a personal choice and should express your personal sense of fashion and cultural influences. You may also take into account factors such as piercing type, material, size, style, allergies, comfort, maintenance, and budget. Keep in mind that your nose ring is more than just a piece of jewelry – it’s a declaration of who you are, so make an informed choice and wear it with pride. We hope that this guide on nose ring designs will serve as an inspiration to you as you select the ideal jewelry for your wedding.

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