Motorcycle Shipping: Top Tips on How to Make It Cheaper

Shipping your favorite drive doesn’t have to be costly, and instead, you can find this to be an excellent option when you’re going to relocate, or you want to go somewhere for a vacation. Others want to explore uncharted territories, and this is why they would want to bring their trusty motorcycle with them. See info about riding a motorcycle on this webpage.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do the long drive yourself because there are companies that can help you with this specific service. There are a lot of options available, but remember that what you choose is going to affect the safety of your motorcycle, the timeline of the delivery, and the overall costs. Creating a listing can be the way to go where various carriers are going to bid on your job, and you can choose which ones are the best for you in terms of services and prices.

Carrier reviews might be available on these websites, and others can still lower their bids to win the job. They are the legitimate ones who can afford to do so while providing premium services because the routes are well-suited to them. Choosing open transport will also allow you to spread the costs to other owners so it won’t be too expensive.

What to Know about Open and Enclosed Trailers?

Two options are often available that are being offered, and they are enclosed and open transport. The enclosed one is more expensive, and if you require expedited shipping, you might be required to pay more. Only a few drivers are willing to take these jobs because not a lot of motorcycle owners choose the more expensive packages. However, you can reap the benefits of securing your vehicle and making sure that it’s safe from the UV rays of the sun, snow, rain, road debris, and dust during transit.

If you’re not worried about the elements impacting your bike, and it’s already used to navigating dirt roads, then the cheaper open transport options are the way to go. They might be at risk of theft, but various companies can offer insurance for the peace of mind of their customers. 

Door-to-door transport is another convenient option for many bike owners. They don’t have to arrange for transportation when dropping or picking up their bikes at various ports, and instead, their assets are delivered directly to their preferred locations in the quickest possible manner. However, door-to-door motorcycle shipping is costlier because the drivers have to navigate various roads up to your area, so only choose them when you have enough budget.

Terminal-to-terminal transport can be cheaper, but you’ll need to show up upon the arrival of the motorcycle. If not, they are going to store it in their local warehouses, and this can translate to additional costs if you’re not careful.

Other Helpful Tips to Save on Delivery


Get quotes from various companies and check if their price points are reasonable with the kinds of services that they provide. Check for discounts if applicable because various companies may welcome veterans, seniors, students, and military personnel and offer them something. Inquire about the rate reductions that you can qualify for and see if you can get incentives when you let them know that you’re working with a particular company.

When asking for the price, make sure to ask also about the surcharges, insurance fees, coverage, and any other additions that can make or break the transaction. See info about a surcharge at this post: Stay within your budget but remember that the cheapest options might mean working with unscrupulous and unlicensed companies. Avoid them as much as possible and only contact those who are legitimate and the best ones who have been operating in the industry for decades.

Date availability and choosing the off-peak season should also be a good idea. Be flexible with your dates so you can more likely find a driver. A distribution center can also work if you’re not in a rush, and this is a more economical choice, especially if you live near the terminals. It’s always safe to ship your motorcycle with a trustworthy company, so always do your research. 

Clean your bike thoroughly as well, and remove any loose change and accessories. Disable the alarm system and only fill the tank based on the requirements of the shipment company. Follow any other additional instructions to the letter and provide the necessary paperwork for a seamless free experience. Remember that the entire process should not break the bank, and when you’re able to compare your options, you can find the most effective solutions out there without needing to compromise your safety,

Affordable networks of shipment companies are always available, and some online calculators can help you see a ballpark figure of the costs. Utilize various tools, talk to the representatives, and ask for feedback from the right people to make everything smoother.

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