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Solicitor vs Conveyancer – Which Do I Need in Real Estate?

First-time home buying is really exciting. You’ve found your first home after searching the real estate sites, open houses, and auctions. 

Now it’s time for the golden moment when the former owner gives you your gorgeous new home. But who do you need to get this done? Do you need a solicitor? A conveyancer? Or both? Can you do it yourself? 

Let’s find out:

What is the job of a conveyancer?

Conveyancers compile and analyse transfer papers, search titles and certificates, connect with the vendor, and help you resolve any concerns. They usually know local laws and processes. Simple property transactions are ideal for conveyancers, who are cheaper than lawyers.

What is the job of a solicitor?

Unlike a conveyancer, a solicitor is a fully qualified legal expert. They are conveyancers but have more legal knowledge. Solicitors can handle unusual challenges or sales better and advise on tricky tax issues.

Solicitors vs. conveyancers

Solicitors and conveyancers can prepare documentation and provide legal assistance for property purchases. However, only solicitors are fully qualified lawyers.

Though lawyers might be conveyancers, conveyancers are not lawyers. Instead, state-licensed conveyancers can assist with all aspects of your home transaction. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need a conveyancer. 

Is DIY conveyancing possible?

The legal and procedural process of transferring property from vendor to buyer is conveyancing. While a lawyer or licensed professional isn’t required, we recommend letting the specialists handle it. The end result will be faster and more efficient. Better yet, you’ll know it was done correctly without any issues.

Whom to choose?

When hiring a professional, who should you pick? Depending on the process and your needs, either a solicitor or conveyancer may be better. There are times when you have no option. In the ACT and Queensland, all property transactions, including home purchases, require a solicitor. In those states, conveyancing companies are solicitors who specialise in conveyancing.

Who charges more—solicitors or conveyancers?

Unlike conveyancers, lawyers offer many legal services. Therefore, they may charge more than conveyancers. A solicitor may be worth the extra money if you need more legal counsel.

Who then should you pick?

The option is clear for ACT and Queensland residents. For other states and territories, assess the pros and cons to decide which option is best. There’s nothing wrong with choosing both, either. 

For instance, consider a conveyancer if: 

  • The acquisition is straightforward 
  • You only need assistance with the transfer process, not particular advice 
  • You are budget-conscious

However, choose a solicitor if: 

  • The transfer is complex 
  • It has tax or legal implications 
  • You require assistance on any aspect of the transfer 

How can one find reputable solicitors and conveyancers?

It’s crucial to conduct research before selecting a conveyancer or solicitor. You can identify the ideal option for you by speaking with several people, just like when you work with a real estate agent. One way to start your search is by word of mouth or recommendations from reliable friends.

Social media, forums, and online services can point you in the right direction.


Choosing the right services for conveyancing in Brisbane ensures a smooth, fast, and affordable move. You may move in and enjoy your new home sooner if you do that.

Good wishes for your new home.

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