The Dangers of Road Rage

Given the busy and hectic schedules of people’s lives in Utah, it is easy to become irritated and angry. However, this can become dangerous if it manifests on the road. Road rage is a very prevalent issue in the US and can result in severe or deadly accidents. 

It is important to keep your cool on the road, even if you have had a long, tiring day. Understand that other people are also getting late or maybe returning from a bad day at work. Aggressiveness does not help any situation. If you were in an accident with an angry driver, a Utah personal injury lawyer can help you understand if you have a case. 

Road rage can affect driving and increase accidents: Here’s how!

When you are angry, you pay less attention to your surroundings or the people around you. You are more focused on what made you angry, and you are trying to release it somehow. It is not hidden knowledge that an angry person does not think rationally or logically. They are more likely to make impulsive decisions, which can be fatal on the road. 

Similarly, road rage can impair one’s ability to make sound judgments on the road or react quickly. It results in unnecessary risks and the violation of traffic laws. Not very different from reckless driving, road rage can take lives and cause significant property damage. 

How do you recognize the signs of road rage or aggressive driving?

Road rage is not always in the form of hurling abuses at the next driver or giving the finger. It can manifest in more dangerous forms. If you want to protect yourself from a road rager, look out for these signs:

  • Driving too close to another car or tailgating. 
  • Quickly moving in front of a car, then slowing down. 
  • Passing other cars with unsafe spacing. 
  • Ignoring red lights and running through the signals. 
  • Changing lanes without using the right blinkers. 
  • Speeding. 

Some examples of road rage that do not involve the unsafe driving of the vehicle include:

  • Forcing other drivers off the road
  • Throwing objects
  • Ramming
  • Making rude/obscene gestures
  • Sideswiping

Managing road rage and driving safely. 

Managing your anger and keeping your emotions in control is not just required on the road but in all areas of life. If you are feeling intense anger, process your emotions and find a healthy way to release them before getting behind the wheel. 

If you have been involved in an accident caused by road rage, it is crucial to seek legal assistance. Contact a Utah personal injury lawyer today. 

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