Try this to calm your crying baby – It works

Parents cannot see their baby cry; it is a universal fact. They want to do everything in their power to ease and comfort their child, but sometimes it is difficult to understand why the baby is crying. It is often difficult to understand if the cry is out of hunger, tiredness, or something else. Parents try rocking, caressing, and swaddling their baby but sometimes the tried and tested ways don’t work. In such situations, soothers often emerge as a thoughtful product to soothe babies. It works exactly as the name implies it helps soothe.

Suckling reflexes are one of the innate reflexes that babies are born with. It is an act that is self-soothing and comforting for the baby. Since babies have poor hand coordination, they cannot suck their thumbs to self-soothe, in such a situation, parents introduce babies to the soother.

Vega Baby & Mom Soothers are helpful in many ways, here are a few of them listed below :

Helps soothe and comfort a baby – Suckling on a soft soother helps babies experience a comforting feeling. It satisfies their urge to suck on something. Soother also helps babies to feel comfortable and it relaxes them for a better sleep. 

Supports Oral Development – The right soother stimulates oral muscles and reflexes for better oral development

Enhances Nasal Breathing – The soother promotes the natural breathing pattern and enhances nasal breathing naturally.

Reduces Teething Discomfort -Through the teething phase babies need something to bite or chew on, a little gentle pressure on those irritated gums can help reduce teething discomfort.

Considering the advantages of using a soother for your baby, it may often be a good choice for your baby, however, there are a few things parents should be mindful of while their baby uses a soother.

Make sure the soother is of the right size depending on your baby’s age. Choosing the right sized soother can help in better oral development of the baby. You can choose from Vega Baby & Mom Soothers-Small which is suitable for 0+ Month babies and Medium which is suitable for 6+ Months

Make sure the pacifier is in one piece. This prevents babies from disassembling the soother when they grab it or snatch it away. It also prevents babies from choking.

Don’t use it when the baby is hungry. When the baby is hungry the babies need nutritive sucking i.e. breastfeeding. Non-nutritive sucking i.e. through the use of soother won’t help.

Wash the soother often. Babies often tend to randomly throw or pick their soother as per their mood. Parents should prevent any germ or dirt from reaching the baby’s mouth.

Check all possible reasons why the baby is crying, look for cues when no method to comfort them works, and hand the baby a soother.

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