4 Must-Watch Movies that Portray Mental Illness

We are living in a fast-paced, highly competitive world and so every day we wake up to deal with new challenges. These struggles shape our overall personality and encourage us to be a better version of ourselves. 

However, in an attempt to achieve all our goals and complete our daily tasks, we actually forget who we really are. We stop taking care of ourselves and just prioritize winning the worldly race. We start embracing the hustle culture, but at the end of the day are left with no motivation, and just end up being exhausted both mentally and physically. 

This exhaustion can actually take a huge toll on our mental health. We may start feeling fatigued, low on energy, and just tired all the time. We might feel like we are in a very dark phase and coming out of it becomes a struggle. 

During such hard times, just know that you are not alone. Call a friend; reach out to a therapist, or simply watch a nice movie that portrays the significance of mental health. This way you’ll know that you have something you can relate to and that there is a solution to every problem whatsoever. In this article, we will be enlisting the top four must-see films that revolve around the concept of mental health. So grab a bowl of popcorn and keep reading. 

If you have seen the film Silver Linings Playbook, you would know the impact this movie has had on the audience. The whole film strives to redefine what it actually means to have an underlying mental illness. 

What makes the film super engaging are the intellectual and apparently normal main characters. These characters suffer from an intense mental illness as well as bipolar disorder. Yes, the movie did face a little criticism for dramatizing the whole concept of mental illness; however, a lot of therapists and mental health experts have stated that they have rather enjoyed the whole movie and the concept within it. 

If you are also suffering from mental health issues but don’t feel like talking about them, just watch this movie once in your lifetime and we are sure you’ll feel heard and not alone in this world. 

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  • Girl, Interrupted

This movie discusses the meaning of ‘certifiably crazy’. It helps you understand the feelings of a person with different personalities. The movie revolves around a crazy girl named Susanna played by Winona Ryder who is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. The girl chooses a mental hospital over attending a decent college. 

She gets into the habit of excessive drinking and just questions her overall existence. As soon as she steps foot into the mental hospital, she meets several young women who in some ways are similar to her and in many ways are quite opposite of her personality. After meeting these women, she truly finds her inner voice and starts believing in herself. 

  • Black Swan

This gloomy psychological thriller is an amazing representation of a tired, tortured mind and soul. The main character of this movie is Nina Sayers played by Natalie Portman. Nina suffers from several mental health issues mainly because of the excessive pressure she faces as a well-known, professional ballerina. 

Though she tries to show the people around her that she is okay, the intense pressure results in physical self-harm. You’ll be shocked to know that Nina terribly scratches her back to essentially resemble that of a black swan that she portrays, she stops eating food so she remains thin and actually stabs herself mercilessly in the stomach as part of the epic performance to kill the Swan. Looking at Nina’s journey, we come to know how we destroy ourselves in the attempt to live a perfect life. 

  • Rain Man

This incredible movie follows the journey of two brothers namely Charlie and Raymond who have disabilities. Charlie is autistic who uses amazing punch lines and has a very intriguing take on life. He meets Raymond and soon learns that this boy has a great memory and exceptional math skills. 

Rain Man is an empowering movie that represents a great awareness of mental health issues and is known for bringing autism into the public eye. 

Final Words

Mental health issues are real and must never be ignored. If you are feeling low or super dull, consult a therapist or watch an amazing movie that highlights these notable issues. This way you won’t feel alone, we promise. 


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