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[Full Information] Air Hostess Salary, Qualification, Skills, Courses in India

Air Hostess Salary Qualification
Air Hostess Salary – Qualification

What is needed to become an Air Hostess, Air Hostess Salary, Qualification, Skills & Courses in India: If you are willing to make your career as an Air Hostess then this post is just for you. In this post i am trying my best to answer of all your questions and doubts.

Many times we want to make a career in such a profession that we feel it is made just for us or see someone who is earning good in that profession as well as being respected in the society, then we can also do the same. Let’s think, but wait, there are some professions that require some special qualities, although it is not that you cannot cultivate those special qualities in yourself, but before trying to produce those qualities, your ability It is very important to know. One such profession is air hostess and in this article we will give you answers to the questions related to becoming an air hostess.

What is needed to become an Air Hostess, Air Hostess Qualification, Skills, Salary & Courses in India ? – Full Information

First of all, let us tell you that Air Hostess can be girls only but it is similar to the job which is for boys and it is also known as setword, cabin crew or flight attendant.

Who is the air hostess?

Broadly understood, the lady who takes care of the passengers in the flight is called Air Hostess, whose job is to give information about the journey and provide all the facilities to the people traveling in the airplane.

Air Hostess Qualification ?

There is a compulsory education in any career, so people have to ask the question that how much study is required to become an air hostess, then let us tell you that for air hostess, you must pass 12th. Although, it is very common to study up to class 12 but there are many other qualities and conditions for air hostesses.

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Other conditions to be an Air Hostess

Age: To become an air hostess, it is necessary to be at least 18 years old, most of the airlines give preference to girls between 18 and 27 years.

Weight: No such criteria has been set for weight but the weight should be in proportion to your height and age.

Height: The height of the air hostess should be at least 155 cm. Candidate with good height is most liked.

Vision: Your vision should be 6/6. Apart from this, if you apply a contact lens, then the work will also be done but you cannot put glasses.

Medical Condition: If you have any kind of major disease (whose treatment lasts long), then it can stop your dream of becoming an air hostess, whether physical or mental.

Swimming: To become an air hostess, it is mandatory for you to come to swimming, although you are also given training for this, but if you learn beforehand, then you can benefit further.

Body Tattoo: Sorry if you are fond of tattoos, then this field is not for you because the air hostess is not allowed to get tattooed, although some airlines allow tattooing on the body in a place that is not visible when wearing normal clothes.

Languages: To become an air hostess, you must have two or more languages. Also, if you want to become an air hostess in foreign flights, then you should also speak the language of other countries.

Communication Skills: It is very important to have communication skills in an air hostess. Talking to passengers, listening to them, solving their problems well, all of them should come to an air hostess.

Jolly Nature: An air hostess is expected to be jovial and listen to the passengers’ talk without any quarrels or putting aside their troubles.

Presence of Mind: Responding promptly and accurately to anything is a call that should be in the air hostess.

Always Positive: Positive thinking, helping everyone and always keeping a smile on the face is also a quality of air hostess.

If you overcome all these conditions and qualities, then only then you can join the race to become an air hostess, even after this, many big challenges are facing you.

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By the way, for the job of air hostess, it is not compulsory for you to take an air hostess course, but in this round of competition, you should take an air hostess course. So that if there is any deficiency, then it can be fulfilled and at the same time more knowledge of this field can be gained.

Where to do this course: There are many institutes in the country that offer air hosting courses and training such as:-

  • Flying Queen – Air Hostess Training Institute
  • Airborne Air Hostess Academy
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  • Universal Airhostess Academy Pvt Ltd – Air Hostess, Ground Staff, Pilot Training Institute
  • Air Hostess Training Institute In Delhi
  • Cabin Crew Training Institute
  • Aimfill International Air Hostess, Cabin Crew, Airport, BBA Aviation Training Academy
  • GoalsMate Air Hostess Academy
  • Skylark Institute Of Travel – Air Hostess Training

Out of these, you can take all the details by calling or visiting any website of these institutes.

How to get job of an air hostess: This is a big question that comes in everyone’s mind before making a career in any field. You can use your personal contacts to do the job, your institute can help you and you can also find jobs by keeping an eye on all the air lines as the air lines keep withdrawing from time to time.

Salary of an Air Hostess in India

The salary of an air hostess starts between 20,000 and 80,000 and it depends on different airlines where you are getting jobs.

Age Factor: The age of working of any air hostess is 30 to 35 years., when she turns 30 to 35 years, she is removed from the flight and assigned to another job or management works at the airport. So there is nothing to fear in this profession. Also, many big companies take full care of you even after retirement.

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