Children’s Day 2023 : 5 ways to secure your child’s financial future

Securing a child’s future is a paramount concern for parents and guardians alike. In an increasingly complex financial landscape, the importance of selecting the most appropriate investment option for children has grown significantly. Amidst the many choices available, Fixed Deposits rates online have emerged as a formidable contender for the coveted title of the best investment avenue. 

Fixed deposits have consistently earned the trust of conservative investors and have long been a preferred choice. Ranging from their inherent safety and straightforwardness to the guarantee of returns, fixed deposits establish a reliable foundation for nurturing a child’s aspirations and dreams.

Fixed deposits have gained popularity as an investment choice due to their reliability and the assurance of steady savings growth.

What is a fixed deposit?

A fixed deposit (FD), a term deposit or a time deposit represents a financial product provided by banks and financial institutions. 

This financial vehicle functions as a specialized savings account that enables you to allocate a specific sum of money for a predetermined duration while enjoying an interest rate surpassing what you might receive from a regular savings account. 

What is an FD calculator?

It is a financial instrument or online service made available by financial institutions and banks. It assists individuals or investors in computing the anticipated returns on their fixed deposit investments. 

This tool enables you to estimate the maturity amount and the interest income you can anticipate from a fixed deposit before committing your funds.

Why should you invest in fixed deposits?

  • Minimal Risk

Fixed deposits are characterized by minimal risk, making them a preferred choice for individuals who emphasize safeguarding their capital and wish to avoid the unpredictability linked to the stock market and more volatile investment alternatives.

  • Assured Returns

Fixed deposit interest rates are guaranteed and pre-established, ensuring precise knowledge of your investment’s earnings. This predictability holds particular appeal for risk-averse investors.

  • Broad Availability

Fixed deposits are readily available through banks and financial institutions, ensuring accessibility to a broad spectrum of investors.

What are the five ways to secure your child’s financial future?

  • Commence Early

Harness the benefits of compounding by initiating fixed deposit investments for your child at the earliest opportunity—the longer your investment horizon, the greater the potential for your savings to flourish.

  • Consistent Contributions

Explore the option of making regular deposits into the fixed account. Setting up a plan for monthly or annual contributions ensures a steadily expanding investment over time.

  • Structured Deposit Laddering

Construct a sequence of fixed deposits with varying maturity dates. This approach grants you access to funds at different intervals and allows you to capitalize on potential changes in interest rates.

  • Dedicated Educational Fund

Establish a specialized fixed deposit for your child’s educational needs. Calculate the anticipated future expenses using an FD calculator and invest accordingly. This way, the funds will be readily available as your child ages for their educational pursuits.

  • Beneficiary Designation and Documentation

Guarantee that your child is named as the beneficiary of the fixed deposit account. Maintain well-organized documentation and communicate the particulars to your child, ensuring their awareness of this valuable financial asset.

Which is the best app to invest in fixed deposits?

My daughter is ten, and I wanted to start investing in her future through a low-risk investment option. My husband suggested I go for Fixed deposits via the Bajaj Finserv app as it is highly safe with high credit ratings, assuring you the security of your invested amount.

Apart from regular interest rates, they offer special rates on particular tenures, providing the best FD interest rates 2023


Opting for Fixed Deposits (FDs) as an investment strategy for children represents a thoughtful and cautious decision in ensuring their financial well-being. Given the inherent security, stability, and assurance of returns that FDs offer, they provide a dependable platform for nurturing a child’s hopes and ambitions.

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