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How Do Irvine Pest Control Experts Deal with A Rodent Problem?

Rodents are quite the tricky pest to deal with. They’re large enough to evade traditional anti-insect methods. But they’re small enough to be fast and nimble. This unique skill set, along with a desire to make your home theirs, makes rodents a uniquely challenging pest to deal with. 

It’s a different story for experts. For instance, Brooks Pest Control in Irvine, California have long championed a professional method to deal with rodents. It’s successful, it’s simple, and safe for residents! Here’s how it works…

In-depth Inspection

The first step in dealing with a rodent problem is conducting an in-depth inspection. Pest control experts meticulously examine the property to identify signs of rodent activity, such as droppings, gnaw marks, and nesting sites. They also look for potential entry points that rodents might use to access the home. 

Eco-friendly Treatments

To address rodent problems in an environmentally responsible manner, pest control experts use eco-friendly treatments. These methods focus on minimizing harm to non-target species and reducing chemical usage. For instance, professionals might employ natural repellents and non-toxic bait to manage rodent populations. 

Installing Bait Boxes

Bait boxes are an integral part of a rodent control strategy. These tamper-resistant containers are strategically placed around the property to attract and capture rodents. The bait inside the boxes is designed to lure rodents, providing an effective means of reducing their population. 

Setting up Snap Traps and Glue Boards

In addition to bait boxes, pest control specialists use snap traps and glue boards to catch rodents. Snap traps are quick and effective, instantly killing rodents when triggered. Glue boards, on the other hand, trap rodents using a sticky surface, allowing for safe and humane removal. 

Professional Exclusion Work

Preventing future infestations is a critical aspect of rodent control. Professional exclusion work involves sealing potential entry points and reinforcing vulnerable areas to deny rodents access to the home. This might include repairing cracks, installing door sweeps, and sealing gaps around utility lines. 

The mark of a true professional is consistent follow-up. Pest control experts take charge and visit your home periodically to ensure the pest control efforts are successful, and if any potential risks still exist. After all, this is not a typical job for the pest control professional, it’s a duty to you and the community! No matter if it’s a rat, mouse, gopher, or vole – a pest control professional can handle it all! 

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